Wednesday, January 20, 2016

How Benchmarking 2.0® Will Save 12-16% on Medical Equipment Lifecycle Costs - Educational Webinar

If you haven’t heard of Benchmarking 2.0®, you could be missing an opportunity to save your hospital 12-16% or more, every year, on medical equipment lifecycle costs. That represents more than $12,000 per bed in annual potential savings and more than $11 billion in wasted spending by U.S. hospitals every year.

Welcome to Benchmarking 2.0®, pioneered by Miga Solutions. Join us January 27th for our first monthly educational webinar of 2016 focused on the growing Benchmarking 2.0® movement.

Peter Robson, Miga’s CEO, will provide an overview of Benchmarking 2.0®, and share specific examples of how Benchmarking 2.0® is enabling leading US hospitals to save 12-16% on all their medical equipment lifecycle costs by delivering:

1. Better data – more complete, actionable market intelligence

2. Greater negotiating leverage – know the truly best price on the market

3. Easier implementation - save time and money getting equipment solutions you need

Miga has over ten years of experience helping leading hospitals drive 12-16% incremental savings across their entire medical equipment lifecycle through our Benchmarking 2.0
® solution, Equipment Value Management System® (EVMS). We look forward to sharing our knowledge with you.

Reserve your spot at our webinar by clicking here.  Please feel free to contact us at 866-511-MIGA (6442) if you have any questions. 

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