Thursday, December 3, 2015

Did You Miss Miga's Webinar on Making Equipment Donations Easier and Less Risky?

If you weren't able to join Miga's monthly webinar, "3 Tips for Making Your Equipment Donations Easier and Less Risky," here's a quick summary and how to catch up.

Peter Robson, Miga's CEO, shared the company's more than 10 years of experience working with Clients through our non-profit organization, the Miga Solutions Foundation. No matter what your reasons are for donating equipment, three things can help you get the most from the process. 

Here are Three Tips for Making Donations Easier and Less Risky

1. Know what your equipment is really worth: Understanding the equipment value allows for effective donation triage. Having a strategy for how to assess value and decide next steps will make the process efficient and effective. One Miga client missed out on a $350,000 donation credit after not assessing net book value and sold 200 newly purchased infusion pumps for $25 each.

2. Know and vet your donation recipients: Understanding the process of donations and what you need to know about donation partners is crucial to evaluating risk and making donations quick and painless. Having an advanced logistics infrastructure is one key criterion for a trusted donation partner. One Miga Client was replacing 100 beds in a rush and had no storage space for existing beds. A national charity was able to support the logistics and transport the beds to Haiti after the earthquake and avoided $16,000 in storage fees.

3. Know your equipment is clean of PHI: Your hospital likely has a process for removing PHI from equipment leaving the building. Covering your bases and ensuring that all physical and electronic PHI has been safely and securely removed will avoid a million dollar price tag for a HIPAA violation.

Using the tips listed above, Robson is certain that donations will be a win-win for your hospital.

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