Monday, August 3, 2015

3 Ways to Save Keeping Up With New Technology: 3D Digital "Tomo" Example

Keeping up with new medical technology continues to be a very expensive proposition for most hospitals. Along a similar theme as Proton Beam Therapy, Tomosynthesis requires significant capital expenditure...

Hologic Tomosynthesis in use
If you haven't heard, tomosynthesis (colloquially referred as "Tomo") is a diagnostic method for 3D breast imaging. Though it's been available for the past few years, the technology has become a lot more popular given its clinical advantages.

Here are 3 ways to save when your hospital switches to Tomo:

Look for Competitive Pressure to Force Prices Down - Hologic's Selenia Dimensions system was the first to come to the Tomo market in 2011 and is still the dominant platform in the industry. GE's SenoClaire came to the market last year and Siemens' True 3D is awaiting FDA approval. Look for competitive pressure among these products to drive prices down. 

Massive Variability in Supposed Best Pricing for Equipment & Service - U.S. hospitals have reported a significant range of pricing for Tomo equipment (as well as upgrades, service contracts, accessories, and more). As an example, a hospital purchasing five systems found they were quoted 15% more ($60,000/system) than what an identical system sold for at a different U.S. hospital. Benchmark all Tomo quotes to get an objective assessment of your pricing before agreeing to the purchase.   

Trade-In Offers for 2D Mammography Systems Are Low - Hospitals are also reporting that trade-in offers for older 2D mammography systems (e.g. Hologic Selenia, GE Senographe, etc) are significantly lower than what the pre-owned market is offering.  Before you agree to the trade-in offer, be sure to get an independent value of what your existing mammography units are actually worth in the market. There could be 50-100% savings opportunities on the trade-in offer alone.

Remember these tips from Miga when your hospital is ready to upgrade its mammography systems to the latest technology and you’ll undoubtedly save your hospital some money in the process. 

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