Monday, July 20, 2015

Reminder - Free Webinar July 22: 3 Proven Ways To Maximize Savings on Capital Equipment Purchases

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Maximize Savings on Capital Equipment Purchases Today!

Speaker Peter Robson
Miga Solutions 
Founder & CEO
Are you SURE you have the right information to accurately benchmark the price of capital equipment? Have you ever wanted to create negotiation leverage when it seems like none exists? 

To ensure your hospital is getting the lowest price and best terms on every new capital equipment purchase, join us for Miga’s free 30-minute webinar and learn 3 proven ways to maximize savings on capital equipment purchases. 

For more than 10 years, Miga has been helping leading hospitals strengthen their bargaining positions with Suppliers by providing the most complete and actionable market and pricing information on more than 27,000 makes and models of capital medical equipment.

There are always ways to save. In fact, Miga has proven hospitals that rely solely on their GPO contract rates or other information sources to validate equipment pricing often pay 12-16% more on average than the best price on the market. 

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